Here’s a few ways to get started…

  • In the above menus you’ll find links to growing guides, masterclasses and resources for you to access in your own time. Have a browse through each page and follow the guides through each  month of the year.
  • Begin with the Start Here page for information and videos to get started now.
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  • Access your Monthly Growing Guide for the current month and then start on the week’s activity.
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  • Follow information on the Grow Health page, to enhance your physical and metal wellness.

Please keep in mind this is SELF-PACED CONTENT. There is no rush, no pressure and definitely no competition! 

Access everything as YOU feel ready. We’re all at various stages in the Community, and we are all here to learn, grow and thrive in our own time…not anyone elses.

Enjoy this journey to fresh food and you will harvest all the wonderful benefits to your health and wellbeing. 

Thank you again for joining us. I look forward to months of growing, thriving and connecting with you.