Welcome to July 🙂 

I hope you are enjoying time in your garden this season. This month’s topic is DIRT and I have included many resources below to help you build and grow in healthy soil.

One of my best garden tips is – Healthy Soil = Healthy Food! So spend time this month ensuring that your garden soil is healthy and packed with life and nutrients to grow healthy, problem-free plants.

Access the resources by clicking on the images below and please post any questions, comments or to share what you’re doing in our Facebook group.

Enjoy a fabulous month,

Cath xx

Download and Print your July Growing Guide

Watch this month’s Masterclass

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Here’s 5 Ways to Improve Garden Soil & Grow More Food



Get to know your garden soil by testing the pH level prior to planting.

Follow the steps in this article HERE and post your results in our Facebook Group!