Soil to Supper Therapeutic Gardening Community Terms and Conditions

I understand that my access to Soil to Supper Community is based on a monthly subscription.

After completing the registration and receiving 7 days free access to the Community, I agree for Soil to Supper to renew my registration to the Soil to Supper Community automatically every month at a renewal rate of $29.00 AUD per month until I choose to cancel subscription if I feel the need to do so.

While subscription is current all access to member content is available and including personal support from Cath Manuel.

If subscription is not renewed access to the Therapeutic Gardening Community will be unavailable.

I understand that no refunds are provided for subscription should I decide to leave the Community mid-month.

While we ensure the information and recommendations provided in the Community are current and accurate, no guarantee is given to achieving exact results as others within the Community or success in each application.

Success within a garden varies from location, environment and the application of techniques applied by each individual. While great effort will be given by Soil to Supper to support each member and provide high quality information, we will not be responsible for application of this information and the results achieved.

Using gardening tools and equipment comes with risks and we suggest each individual within the Community take personal care when working within a garden. It is recommended to use personal protective equipment when undertaking all gardening activities and Soil to Supper is not held responsible for gardeners not adhering to safety requirements while gardening and completing suggested activities.

All information provided is owned and copyright by Soil to Supper. No content within the Community may be copied, shared, sold or re-purposed at all.

We appreciate your understanding of these terms.